The modern hotel interior consists of three sections: an elegant loft, classic and modern technology. A harmonious blend of the European style and historical design of the hotel makes it unique.

“Mikhail Strogof” is a brand new modern hotel with high level European class service and a special atmosphere.
Business hotel “Mikhail Strogof” can offer guests comfortable new rooms, designed in modern European style.
In the hotel there are 18 Standard rooms, 2 Studio rooms, one room for physically disabled people. All the rooms are specifically catered to your requirements to give a cozy and comfortable feel.

Guests will appreciate certain traditions and customs of the hotel. “Mikhail Strogof ” is a brand new modern hotel with high level European class service and its special atmosphere. Once arrived at the hotel every guest will feel as though they are a privileged member of a private club imitating the second half of the 18th century.
Guests will easily have access to the most interesting city events and are able to visit the best exhibitions and concerts.

Check-in and check-out times are very flexible to suit your own schedule. Wi-Fi is available in all areas of the hotel and restaurant.
If you have an interest in sports or during your time here need any services related to health we can book a visit to the nearest required sports-center and transport will be provided. Wi-Fi is available in all areas of the hotel.
We serve free breakfast for all the guests in “Mikhail Strogof” café.

For businessmen who need a private office area, our hotel can provide all the necessary office and computer equipment to create an at home business environment. If you need to organize a business meeting with collegues or business partners our hotel will provide the space at “Mikhail Strogof” café. The environment for formal meetings is suitable and fine cuisine and a stylish interior will not only make your meal unforgettable but also very appealing for everyone.

Hotel “Mikhail Strogof” is a perfect place for business guests who appreciate the quality of service, comfort and pleasant atmosphere, you will be surrounded with attention and care by our  qualified and multilingual staff .

We will do our best to provide the utmost quality service and allow you to relax in style.

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