The restaurant “Asador” is located in the heart of Irkutsk. For guests of “Michael Strogof” hotel we offer a free transfer there and back to the restaurant, so at any time you will be able to enjoy meals at steakhouse “Asador”.

The steakhouse was opened almost 5 years ago and has proved to be a stylish place with a charming atmosphere. The aristocratic spirit of “Asador”, which was designed in a modern style and stylized as a vintage Chalet, will create an extraordinary atmosphere for your meal.

Well renown chefs from Moscow have worked here featuring their own dishes on the restaurant’s menu. We are sure that our menu will satisfy each guest’s own particular taste.


High quality cuisine and skilled chiefs are the key to delicious food!

Professional chiefs are trained in the art of cooking meat according to the guest’s taste , especially prepared delicious steaks, and high quality meat, which is all sourced directly from farms operating in the most ecological areas. Kobe beef comes directly from the manufacturer in New Zealand — one of the global suppliers of marble meat.

Steak that will melt in your mouth from
the best chefs of the city

You can choose by yourself what meat you want to have cooked. The waiter will bring a tray of different meat and will describe in detail about each of the different cuts, you can easily choose the one you like the most.

Steak and a glass of wine is “a perfect combination”. Anyone who likes this option will be offered a wide variety of wine from the best wine-makers at affordable prices.

Not only are adults able to come to our restaurant, but also young guests as we have a special menu for children and a wide variety of entertainment.

Superior service, stylish, expensive interior with a warm atmosphere and delicious cuisine will win over your heart forever. In no doubt will you come back again to!Steakhouse “Asador”

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