Route: Irkutsk – Arshan – Irkutsk
Seasonality tours: year-round
Group size: not limited

Arshan is the most famous and visited spa in Eastern Siberia. Arshan is situated in the Tunkinskaya valley at the foot of the Tunka bald mountains with a height of about 893 meters above sea level. You will definitely enjoy Arshan valleys’ gorgeous nature, with its fresh mountainous air, pine forest and Kyngarga’s clear river waters falling down.

Arshan in Buryat language means “a healing spring”. The Composition of local springs of Arshan spa resort is close to the Caucasian mineral waters. The water is highly recommended for people with chronic gastritis and digestive diseases and is highly recommended to use Arshan mineral water as well as bathing useful for prevention of cardiac and neurotic diseases.

* The cost of a tour depends on the number of people.

  • 9:00 am – departure for Arshan (220 km). On the way stop at a roadside cafe. A small snack.
  • 12:00 – arrival, excursion to the waterfalls (height 4-5 meters). The path goes through the picturesque forest area along the mountain river Kyngarga. On the way you can drink and dial with a mineral water – cold and hot sources. There you can buy pine nuts, different mountain herbs, and sulfur (the resin of the larch, the local people chew it to strengthen teeth and gums), collected in the mountains.
  • Lunch in one of the cafes (Buryat cuisine).
  • Departure to the village of Pearl (45 km) – bathing in hot springs.
  • Later, return to Irkutsk
  • Transportation
  • Tour guide services