Route: Irkutsk — Listvyanka — Irkutsk
Seasonality tours: year-round
Group size:
not limited

Listvyanka village has become a landmark of lake Baikal. For numerous guests and tourists this is a starting point to get an insight into an amazing world which Baikal region is a part of.

At first glance Listvyanka is a modern tourist spot with new hotels and a  rapidly developing infrastructure.  But it is worth walking a little further along the shore, and time will begin to fly. One can find only wilderness, an undeveloped, untamed natural environment with its own laws and vast water streams and ever clouded mountain ranges.

* The cost of a tour depends on the number of people.

  • The village of Listvyanka located on the shore of lake Baikal 65 km away from Irkutsk city. Listvyanka was founded in the XVIII century and got its name from larches growing in the middle Larch Bay.
  • The source of the river Angara – the only river flowing from lake Baikal.
  • The Baikal Museum where You will get acquainted with the flora and fauna of the great lakes, the history of the study of lake Baikal (optional).
  • Svyato-Nikol’skaya Church of the XVIII century. This Church, as legend has it, built by Russian merchant in gratitude to St. Nicholas, protector of sailors, for rescue during the storm.
  • Lunch, optional, in one of the restaurants Association Baikal Visa in the village of Listvyanka.
  • The fish market, where you can taste various kinds of Baikal fish (omul, grayling, whitefish) and purchase Baikal Souvenirs.
  • Nerpinary, where you can see a wonderful representation of the living Baikal seal, as well as to meet the world’s only seal, which is able to draw the paintings.
  • The rise on the funicular (cable car) to the observation deck “Stone Chersky”, from where opens a magnificent view of the Angara and the Shaman – Stone and mountains Khamar-Daban.
  • In summer is possible to organize water travel on lake Baikal by boat (optional)
  • Winter/spring (at 15.01 15.04) it is possible to travel on the ice of lake Baikal on a hovercraft “Hivus (hovercraft) or snowmobile/cars/dog sledding.
  • The Museum of wooden architecture “Taltsy”, which is on 47 km of Baikal tract. This is an ancient Siberian village of the 18-19th centuries is recreated on the banks of the Angara river. The exhibition includes wooden tower of the Ilimsk fortress, Church of the XVII century, the Siberian restaurant, Buryat ulus, Evenki camp, etc. (optional)
  • Provision of vehicles (1-2 people – a car with a driver, three people – minibus with driver, from the 13 – man bus with driver)
  • Tour guide services
  • Lunch at one of the cafes in Listvyanka.
  • A boat trip on lake Baikal on the boat from 3500 rub/hour
  • Trip on ice of lake Baikal on a hovercraft “Hivus” 5500 rub/hour
  • The trip across the ice on a snowmobile was 2500 rub/hour
  • Excursion to Baikal Museum, 350 rub/person
  • Excursion to the Seal 300 rub/person
  • Excursion to the Museum Taltsy 150-200 rub/person